Administering Medication

  • Oral medication can be medication prescribed by the child’s GP as well as proprietary brands which can be purchased over the counter. The instructions for dosage should be adhered to.

    Mid Annandale Playcare must obtain parent/carer written consent and clear instructions as to how to administer such medicine. We will ask parents to fill in a medication form (see medicine treatment form). Staff will ensure the parents fill out the form correctly, including the last time the medicine was administered. The parent should have given the child at least one dose of medicine to ensure the child does not have an adverse reaction to it.

    Secure Storage of Medicines

    Medicines will not be part of our first aid kit, and staff will ensure the safe storage of all medication. No medicines should remain in the child’s bag.

    Medicines must be kept in a secure place accessed by staff only. Prescribed medicines and proprietary brands should be kept in their original containers and must be clearly marked with the child’s name. Staff must check the expiry date, the dispensed date – is this medicine for the current condition and been prescribed to that individual child.

    Mid Annandale Playcare will ensure each child has their own medicine form to ensure confidentiality and best practice.

    Medicines will be signed in and out of the facility.

    When parents collect their child they will sign the medicine form to ensure they know when the medicine was last given by Mid Annandale Playcare staff.

    All long term medicines will be reviewed every 28 days.