Food Menus

  • Meals and Snacks
    We will provide meals prepared and cooked by Lockerbie Primary School. Parents have the option of purchasing a hot lunch or providing a packed lunch from home. Should you wish to provide a packed lunch for your child, we ask for your co-operation and suggest that you do not send any chocolate, biscuits or food containing sugar, or drinks which are fizzy and contains sugar (see our packed lunch healthy eating leaflet). Staff will ensure the child’s care plan is followed for allergies and dietary requirements.
    We only provide foods that give children lots of nutrients and are low in sugar or salt, for example bread, cereal (with little or no sugar), fruit, vegetables and milk products. The only drinks offered at snack time are water or full fat milk. When planning our snack menu we will consider the variety offered daily/weekly. Milk and water will be available throughout the day and children will be encouraged to have drinks regularly. For the occasional special event/celebration children may receive other foods e.g. birthday cakes.

    Please click on the text below to view lunch and snack menus. 

    You can read our Food and Nutrition Policy here