Illness and Exclusion Periods

  • At MAP we value each child’s health and we do everything we can to prevent infection when children are at nursery.

  • Any child who is unwell should not attend, regardless of whether they have a confirmed infection. It isn’t fair on them, nor on the other children (and their parents),staff, who might catch an infection. We know this can be difficult, everyone has obligations and many parents are working. Parents have a legal obligation to knowingly send a child who has an infectious disease to Mid Annandale Playcare.

    Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, some children will pick up illnesses, many of which are contagious even before they display symptoms. Because of this we enforce strict exclusion periods for children suffering from certain illnesses or symptoms to reduce the risk of cross-infection within the nursery, both towards other children and our parents and employees. See exclusion periods for illness listed to the left by clicking on the illness.