Out of School Care

  • The Out of School Care Room (OSCA) is registered for 20 children but we can accommodate an extra 10 using the other areas for appropriate activities e.g. sensory room, kitchen and training room. We have a ratio of 1 adult: 10 children within the playroom and 1 adult: 8 children during the school holidays.

    Settling in

    We recognise that positive transitions are important for children’s personal, social and emotional well-being. We will treat each child as an individual in order that the transition process is flexible and focussed on meeting the needs of children and families. We will work closely with all other adults who are involved with the child and ensuring that effective and ongoing communication takes place. Partnership working with parents is key to supporting effective transitions and staff will involve you as fully as possible.

    We encourage new users to have a tour of the facility and three short transition visits prior to the child starting.

    • 1st visit (1 hour timescale) the parent/carer and child will meet with their child’s keyworker. The keyworker will introduce themselves to the child and complete a care plan with the parent/carer. This will enable our staff to gain prior knowledge and decide how best to support your child before attending.
    • 2nd visit (1 hour timescale) Parent/carers can leave if they so wish.
    • 3rd visit (1 hour timescale) As above

    The above visits are a requirement to facilitate as smooth a transition as possible for all concerned.

  • Breakfast Club

    Breakfast club operates from 7.30am – 9.00am. Breakfast is available between 7.30am – 8.00am. Children have the choice of toast or cereal and this is included in the fees.

    We have limited activities in breakfast club due to the short time span.

    Staff and children walk to school in all weathers so we ask that parents provide appropriate clothing. Staff and children leave MAP at 8.45am and walk to Lockerbie Primary school. 

  • After School Care

    We provide after school care for Lockerbie and the surrounding area. Children attending Lockerbie Primary are met in the school foyer at 3pm and escorted back to M.A.P. older children have the option of walking from school independently as long as parental permission is received in writing. We walk to and from school in all weather and ask that parents provide appropriate clothing. We also care for children within the catchment area, e.g. St Mungo; transport is arranged by the parent.


    The planning in OSCA is child led and staff involve children in decision making. Staff provide various topics and some activities ensuring there is a range of activities for children. Outside is an extension of the playroom and it is accessible at all times, we have a natural outdoor area which is enjoyed by children of all ages. In this areas we can climb trees, play in the mud kitchen, plant flowers and vegetables or play ball games, we ask that parents provide a change of clothes (and welly boots in the winter) so your child can access and enjoy this area. We also have various other rooms that children can also use for activities including the sensory room for reading and soft play for physical etc.

    Meals and Snacks

    Snack is included in the fees. We offer a variety of snacks including healthy options, with juice or water. Snack is open when the children arrive from school and is free flow so children can access this when they want.

    Tea is available after 5pm and this should be provided by the parent.

  • Holiday Club

    Holiday Club operates for school age children during holidays and in service days. The only exception to this is during Christmas and New Year when the facility closes for 10 days.

    Snacks and Meals

    We can provide meals prepared and cooked by our nursery cook, these meals are nutritious, fresh and contain low salt and sugar. We purchase all meat from our local butchers and children are often involved in the preparation of the meals. Parents also have the option of providing a packed lunch from home. Should you wish to provide a packed lunch for your child, we ask for your co-operation and suggest that you do not send any chocolate, biscuits or food containing a lot of sugar, or drinks which are fizzy. Please ensure packed lunches contain cold foods which do not require heating up. Staff will ensure the child’s care plan is followed for allergies and dietary requirements.

    We only provide foods that give children lots of nutrients and are low in sugar or salt, for example bread, cereal (with little or no sugar), fruit, vegetables and milk products. The only drinks offered at snack time are water or full fat milk. When planning our snack menu we will consider the variety offered daily/weekly. For the occasional special event/celebration children may receive other foods e.g. birthday cakes.

    Environment – MAP is a nut free zone

    Mealtimes will be a quiet, relaxed time. The staff will sit at the table with the children and talk with them. All distractions will be avoided including TV. Snack time is flexi style, which means the children come when they are ready. Children are able to have tea at MAP after 5pm and this should be provided by the parent.


    During holiday times we offer activities ‘with a difference’ – workshops, trips and in house activities. Children, parents and staff have input in to a programme that is prepared for Easter, Summer and the October holidays.

    Recent trips and workshops have included –

    • Eskrigg Nature Reserve
    • Queen of the South tour
    • Zoolab workshops
    • Bowling
    • Drumlanrig Castle

    When out and about on trips MAP children wear hi vis vests to make it easier for staff to identify the children in our care at a glance. The vests are provided by MAP and returned to the facility after use. During the winter months please ensure that your child/children has the appropriate outdoor clothes and footwear for cold and/or wet weather.