• The Duty of Candour Annual Report 2020-2021

  • During the period 1st of January 2020- 31st of December 2020 there were zero incidents which triggered the duty of candour.

  • Care Inspectorate, July 2019 Inspection Report

  • “Children were relaxed, confident and active in accessing all opportunities available to them. We observed opportunities for all children to play cooperatively, share and take turns which in turn promoted social skills.”

    “Throughout the service, we saw that children were learning to become more independent and take responsibility. We saw that even very young children were encouraged to self-serve and prepare snack independently.”


  • Care Inspectorate, July 2018 Inspection Report

  • “Children were having fun in a friendly and nurturing environment. They had a variety of opportunities to learn, be creative and to explore the world around them.”

    “Staff had developed open relationships with parents, which meant that they were able to share information and discuss children’s needs. They felt well informed and supported by the nursery. This meant that parents were confident that both their wishes and their child’s needs were respected and valued.”

     “Children had regular opportunities to play outdoors and explore a natural environment.”


  • Care Inspectorate, April 2016 Inspection Report

  • “There was a strong focus on working with parents and ensuring that they were well-informed and involved in their children’s care.”

    “We saw that staff responded to children with affection and that children readily sought cuddles from them.”

    “Throughout the service, we saw that children were learning to become more independent and take responsibility.”


  • Care Inspectorate, May 2015 Inspection Report

  • “Staff knew the children in their care very well. They used their knowledge and observations to meet their needs.”

    “Children had opportunities to explore their local area. The nursery had been developing outdoor learning at a local wood and children regularly went for walks to local parks and shops.”

    “Mid Annandale Playcare followed safe recruitment practices when employing new members of staff. These included checks with the Scottish Social Services Council, Protection of Vulnerable Groups register and references being sought from previous employers.”

  • Care Inspectorate, June 2013 Inspection Report

  • “The staff team are enthusiastic, professional and committed to providing the best quality of care and experience for children and their families.”

    “The service had an open door policy and provided parents with a variety of opportunities to meet with staff, to talk about their child’s care and to learn about the service.”

    “Staff and children had formed warm and nurturing relationships. Small children were confident about cuddling into staff and using them, as they learned to stand up and to walk. Staff praised children and encouraged them to do things for themselves, for example take off their jumpers and hang them up by themselves.”