Vision, Values and Aims

  • “Mid Annandale Playcare embraces a play based approach in a high quality learning environment, promoting a nurturing ethos which supports children’s wellbeing, learning and development.”

  • Mid Annandale Playcare aim to provide:

  • A flexible, accessible, quality service for all children and families:

    * provide a safe, happy, caring, stimulating and secure environment for our children where everyone feels valued, included and respected,

    * maintain self-sufficiency through fees, fund-raising and other contributions whilst making only a modest return for future investment in the service

    * work together with parents as partners to improve learning and care.

    * have a diversely qualified, dedicated staff team who nurture, support and celebrate all children.

  • High quality stimulating environments inside and out:

    * provide children with a natural outdoor play experience which involves taking risks, exploring nature, caring for the environment, collaborative play and muddy fun!

    * develop children’s experiences through the provision of stimulating play activities.

    * engage our children in the highest-quality teaching and learning and to encourage individual success for all,

    * equip our children with skills for learning, life and work, ready to actively grasp and follow their dreams in the future.

  • A nurturing ethos which supports children’s wellbeing learning and development:

    * provide a loving, caring environment where children are valued and listened to.

    * encourage all children to respect other people’s rights and values and respect the environment.

    * value and empower our children and staff by recognising and celebrating successes and achievements

    * meet individual children’s needs taking account of the wellbeing indicators: Safe, Healthy, Active, Nurtured, Achieving, Respected, Responsible and Included.

  • Values


    Inclusive: we create an environment where everyone is welcomed and valued

    Respect: we promote a culture of tolerance, inclusion, diversity, equality, fairness and opportunity

    Child centred: we place the children at the centre of all our decision making

    Partnerships: we work alongside parents, professionals and the community to reach the best outcomes

    Commitment: we are committed to developing and shaping each child’s learning journey and supporting their dreams

    Caring: we are kind, nurturing and patient with all children in our care

    Passionate: we love to see children progress and achieve

    Experienced: we have a range of childcare qualifications ranging from SVQ level 3 to B.A hons 

    Self-evaluation: we involve service users, children and staff in our evaluations helping us to continually improve our setting

    Motivated: we want to be the best we can be

    What our services users say: