About Us

  • Mid Annandale Playcare is a non profit making, purpose built childcare facility.

    M.A.P is a voluntary organisation managed by a maximum of 12 Directors. All families / carers registered with Mid Annandale Playcare are members, directors can be appointed from this membership by election or co-opted from the community in order to widen skills base and interest.

    We are registered with the Care Inspectorate to provide a care service to a maximum of: 86 children under 16 years of age, of whom: – 24 children may be under 3 years old,
    of whom no more than 9 may be under two years old, and 62 children from 3 years upwards. The facility has the provisions to accept children with additional support needs, provided adequate staffing support and funding can be received. 

    A security system is in operation and fitted with activators to external doors.  There is C.C.T.V. protection in all playrooms, hallways, the external play area and front door.  A door access intercom system is fitted at main entrance with activation from the office and each of the four play areas.  There is sufficient parking and drop off along with safe access from the facility.  The facility has safe access for pedestrians along with a level access throughout the building, wide doors with vision panels, finger guards and easy operated lever handles with delayed action closures and non slip floor finishes.

  • The facility also has the following provisions:

    • There is a sensory room/Library which allows us to accommodate children with additional support needs. We also use the sensory room for small groups, story time, quiet time.
    • Kitchen and dining area is used for snacks, lunches and teas. We use the kitchen for baking activities and messy play activities as well.
    • Adequate toilets joined to the playrooms which are child size, all hand wash basins are child height for easy access. Toilet areas are sensory lighting saving electricity.
    • Dedicated sleep room containing ‘evacuation cots’ for fire drill purposes. The sleep room has a viewing panel and listening device. The lower part of the playroom walls are white boards and are used to record sleeps etc.
    • Nappy changing room which is accessible from the daycare playroom.
    • Internal space for parking prams and buggies
    • Manager’s office with viewing panel into daycare room.
    • Cloaks hall with named pegs for child’s belongings.
    • The Training room is used for non contact time for staff, training workshops, meetings – committee, staff, social services, cluster, educational. Baby massage, baby toddler, deaf aid are among the groups that use the room which can be cleared of furniture or set up with table and chairs. Out of school care use the room for homework and film shows, other provisions use the room to do small group time, heuristic play etc. 
    • Our Soundproof interview room can be used for supervised parental access, interviews, deaf aid meetings, small group time, confidential meetings.
    • Soft play / physical recreational area. The lower part of soft play can be used for activities or quiet time.
    • The outdoor rubberised play area is an extension of the playroom and easily accessed by the children. Christopher’s Garden is used for stories and group times. Children enjoy helping plant flowers, vegetables and herbs in our garden plots.
  • Mission

    Mid Annandale Playcare aims to provide a quality, affordable, provision easily accessed by the whole community. We will offer play services and Early Learning and Childcare within a safe, creative, stimulating and home from home environment. We will provide positive and essential opportunities for child centred play and learning, enabling parents to pursue work, study or other activities in the confidence that the individual needs of their children are being met by caring, experienced staff. Staff are valued and supported, so recognise the important role they play.

  • Aims

    To provide high quality, affordable childcare for children between the ages of 3 months and 16 years.
    To provide a safe and caring environment to enable parents to return to work or study and also to assist families in need, by providing respite childcare as resources permits.
    To provide a high standard of Early Learning and Childcare, in partnership with Early Years Education Department.
    To widen children’s horizons through the provision of stimulating play activities.
    To provide social and recreational opportunities for all children attending the facility regardless of race, religion, gender or ability.
    To encourage parental involvement to assist in the management of the facility.
    To expand our range of children’s services by providing accommodation for other agencies and groups, working in partnership with Social Services, Education & Community Services.
    To maintain self-sufficiency through fees, fund-raising and other contributions whilst making only a modest return for future investment in the service.
    To provide employment for local people and seek to recruit appropriately qualified staff.
    To encourage all staff to achieve further childcare training in line with government and Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) guidelines.

  • Registration and Membership

    The Annual Registration for MAP runs from July to June each year.

    Booking In Procedure
    Your child can be registered for attendance and become a member of MAP by completing a Registration Form subject to the following conditions:-
    1. A space is available (check admissions policy and availability).
    2. An information pack has been received and the necessary registration form, contract and confirmation of reserved times completed and signed.
    3. The annual family registration fee has been paid.

    Following this procedure all children must be booked into MAP in advance. If any details you give on the form change i.e. address, emergency contact number or medical information, please inform MAP immediately. Your child will also be signed in and out of the Facility’s Attendance Register. If you wish to either vary or change your reserved times you must notify MAP in advance to ensure that adequate staffing levels are maintained at all times and that spaces are available.

    Should you wish to withdraw your child from the facility a notice period of two weeks is requested. A child’s reserved place is non transferable. Fees are payable irrespective of absences.

  • Background Information

    MAP started life operating out of Lockerbie’s Local Community Centre, but unfortunately had to relocate after the Lockerbie Air Disaster 1988. The playgroup was temporarily moved into a portacabin (double temporary classroom unit). Unfortunately, we were never able to move back into the Community Centre. Our valuable service was in great demand, but the facility, in addition to coming to the end of its useful life was too small for the community needs. MAP then purchased a site for a facility in Harcourt Place with the aim to construct a state of the art children’s and family centre with increased accomodation to cater for 86 children at any one time.


  • MAP received funding for our purpose built facility from:

    • Communities Scotland
    • Future Builders
    • South of Scotland European Partnership
    • Dumfries and Galloway Council
    • Lockerbie Trust
    • Big Lottery Fund
    • Scottish Enterprise
    • The Robertson Trust
    • The Energy Saving Trust
    • Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership
    • Henderson and Mackay
    • Royal Bank of Scotland
    • Plus MAP’s own funds
  • External funding was sought for furniture and equipment and we received funds from:

    • Nordic Tyres
    • Airtricity
    • Tesco
    • Chapelcross
    • Solway Agriculture
    • Lockerbie & District Rotary Club

    Added funds were required to furnish out of school care, daycare, babycare, sleep room, training room, waiting area, consulting room and outdoor/garden area. MAP has good relationships with relatives who lost loved ones in the Lockerbie Air Disaster and contributed to the Truth Quest Magazine which is sent out to their families. Cilla Hetherington (former manager) placed an article in an issue of Truth Quest to ask if anyone would be willing to make a donation with an invite to the grand opening so they could see what their contribution has helped us to achieve. The response was fantastic and we were able to furnish the whole facility before we opened in December 2007. We give special thanks to:

    • John and Doris Cory – Babycare, Daycare and sleep room
    • Anna Marie Miazga and Family – Training Room (The Rose Room)
    • Barbara Primau – Waiting Area
    • Ken and Jean Jones – Christopher’s Garden (see picture)
    • the families of Lawrence Bennet, S. Frank Ciulla, Shannon Davies, William Daniels, Robert Fortune, James Fuller, Gregory Kosmowski, Elia G. Stratis. -Out of School Care, Consulting Room.